Southeastern Rail rename the station London St Pancake for Shrove Tuesday

Southeastern Rail rename the station London St Pancake for Shrove Tuesday

It’s pancake day, in case you haven’t heard already (and been tempted by the smell of pancakes coming from seemingly every eatery in the UK).

Shrove Tuesday has its roots in Christianity, and is also known as Fat Tuesday; the day before Lent where people use up all the ingredients in their pantries and stuff themselves silly.

Over the years it’s perhaps lost its religious significance, but certainly not shaken the tradition of eating until you feel like you never want to see anything sweet for forty days and forty nights.

Pancake fever also seems to have swept London and even made its way down the tube escalators to South Eastern HQ.

For the occasion, they’ve renamed London St Pancras station London St Pancake, continuing their ongoing gag.

People across social media shared their excitement at the punny name coming back again, with many saying it had cheered up their commute no end.

In addition to the name change, Southeastern is wishing passengers a flippin’ good Pancake Day with surprise pancake giveaways at stations including London Bridge, Cannon Street, Ladywell, Lee and Dartford.

David Wornham, Passenger Services Director at Southeastern said: ‘The chance to do something a little differently that puts a smile on our passengers’ faces – it doesn’t get any ‘batter’ than that! We hope those who are able to pick up a pancake today enjoy their delicious treat.’

Yes, it may feel like a shameless ploy to make us forget about delays and rising commuter costs.

But, hey, it’s fun and helps us get through the day knowing we’re going home for some delicious crepes, hotcakes, drop scones, or galettes.

If you know you’re not going to make it home to have some of that lemon and sugared goodness, it’s worth remembering that McDonald’s will be cooking up pancakes all day today rather than keeping them on the breakfast menu.

UberEats will also be offering free delivery when you spend over £5 at McD’s, so you can get them delivered right to your door. Use the code PANCAKESALLDAY at checkout.

We’ve also got some vegan pancake recipes so our plant-based friends won’t have to miss out on all the fun.

From sweet American-style to savoury crepes, there are some amazing options even if you don’t eat dairy or eggs.